Sri Lankan Breakfast food

Of everything we ate in Sri Lanka, it was the Sri Lankan breakfast food that we looked forward to most. It was refreshing to have something so totally different to what we would eat in the west, cooked with care and considerable effort and featuring all the flavours of this magical country. Hoppers, roti, curries […]

Discovering Local Foods as You Travel

Discoverring the local foods of a region is a huge part of travel for most of us, but it isn’t always so easy. If you stick to the main tourist strip you will more than likely find yourself eating western favourites and watered down versions of local classics. It’s a shame to miss out on […]

The Traditional Full English Breakfast

The traditional Full English Breakfast is an institution in its own right. Served everywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland it should really be called the full British or full UK breakfast, but each country has it’s own twist on what should be served on the plate. From small “greasy spoon” cafés to London’s top […]

My First Ironman

What made me think I could do an Ironman? I had never completed nor attempted any of the three disciplines individually at full Iron Man distance. Yet here I was about to do the 3 together in one day. My first Ironman and only my fourth triathlon. Little wonder my wife thought I was mad! […]

Khao Soi, Chiang Mai’s Speciality Noodle Soup

Regional specialities are always great to search out as you travel. This tasty noodle soup, Khao Soi ( or kow soy) is a speciality of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.  You’ll find it in restaurants and street stalls across the city.   Above is a bowl of mild, coconut based, khao soi gai. […]

Where to Eat in Thailand

Thailand is bursting with food, everywhere you look you’ll see something cooking and options and styles are endless. Deciding where to eat in Thailand is usually a pleasure, never a headache and the choice must be based on how much you’d like to spend and personal taste. Thailand has all types of food on offer, […]

Getting Chef Work in London

Getting Chef work in London is surprisingly easy. Numerous agencies are ready to sign you up and make commission on the back of your hard work, or you can take the option of freelance work. Perhaps you want to get a regular full-time job with all the perks that they offer? Here I’ll explain some […]

The Secret Life of Chefs

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes in 5 star kitchens? I’ve worked in many, on two continents, for 20 years+. I was exec chef of one, before I quit to travel more, work less. Here are a few things that may surprise you about a chef’s working life, the secret life […]

How to Become a Chef?

How to become a chef? When I started in the food industry there was really only one way. Becoming a chef was straight forward and held fewer options than are available today. An apprenticeship involving on the job training plus Tafe/College. In Australia the apprenticeship lasted from 3-4 years, starting at 18 or 16, and […]

Where Have We Been?

Hi, I’m Chef, I’ve been travelling the world with my wife and boys since 2012. It’s a great gig being a nomadic dad. Occasionally I still work as a Chef in London’s finest hotels, but we’ve developed an online income and lower cost of living that allows us to travel more or less full-time. So […]