Sri Lankan Breakfast food

Of everything we ate in Sri Lanka, it was the Sri Lankan breakfast food that we looked forward to most. It was refreshing to have something so totally different to what we would eat in the west, cooked with care and considerable effort and featuring all the flavours of this magical country. Hoppers, roti, curries […]

Discovering Local Foods as You Travel

Discoverring the local foods of a region is a huge part of travel for most of us, but it isn’t always so easy. If you stick to the main tourist strip you will more than likely find yourself eating western favourites and watered down versions of local classics. It’s a shame to miss out on […]

The Traditional Full English Breakfast

The traditional Full English Breakfast is an institution in its own right. Served everywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland it should really be called the full British or full UK breakfast, but each country has it’s own twist on what should be served on the plate. From small “greasy spoon” cafés to London’s top […]

My First Ironman

What made me think I could do an Ironman? I had never completed nor attempted any of the three disciplines individually at full Iron Man distance. Yet here I was about to do the 3 together in one day. My first Ironman and only my fourth triathlon. Little wonder my wife thought I was mad! […]

The Secret Life of Chefs

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes in 5 star kitchens? I’ve worked in many, on two continents, for 20 years+. I was exec chef of one, before I quit to travel more, work less. Here are a few things that may surprise you about a chef’s working life, the secret life […]

Where Have We Been?

Hi, I’m Chef, I’ve been travelling the world with my wife and boys since 2012. It’s a great gig being a nomadic dad. Occasionally I still work as a Chef in London’s finest hotels, but we’ve developed an online income and lower cost of living that allows us to travel more or less full time. […]

Kep Cambodia, Salt, Pepper, Crabs and Fish

During our 1 month in Cambodia in, not only did we sample loads of interesting dishes and take a Cambodian cooking class, we also visited a sensational fish and crab market, not far from Kampot.  It was bristling with local seafood, great fun to explore and sample. It was slightly less gruesome than a market […]

Southern Style Cooking on a Deep South Road Trip

Our deep south road trip took us through Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. These states are classically considered the deep south of the USA and the further south we got, the better our food experiences became. Southern style cooking is certainly something not to be missed and for this Aussie chef, it was […]

Sri Lankan Fruits

Sri Lanka is famous as a fruit producing destination and you will certainly sample some amazing and delicious Sri Lankan fruits during your stay. Expect a selection of fruit on your hotel’s buffet every morning, each perfectly ripe and sweet from the fertile soil, abundant water and tropical sun. Sri Lankan fruits are tropical, of […]

Romanian Tripe Soup, Ciorba de Burta

I rarely cook or eat tripe, but you can’t spend long in Romania without trying traditional Romanian tripe soup, ciorba de burta. Every supermarket and butcher’s shop in Romania has large quantites of wrinkled white tripe for sale, both fresh and frozen. You can tell our Romanian friends really enjoy cow’s stomach and it is […]