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Hai Van Pass Vietnam

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass – Đèo Hải Vân lies just north of the central Vietnamese city of Danang and is part of the Annamite range that extends down to the East Vietnamese Sea. The name means Cloud Pass or Ocean Cloud Pass as a result of the constant fog that can cover the mountains even while the lower …

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Food in Vietnam Guide Blog

Vietnamese Food for Beginners

Having spent 6 months plus in Vietnam, I’ve put together a brief Vietnamese food blog for beginners. A guide to what is best to eat and try in Vietnam and particularly Hoi An, a culinary capital in Central Vietnam, but with some tips for north, central and south Vietnam. Cuisine does vary up and down …

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Cambodia Food in Cambodia

Cambodian Food

As a Chef I have to try as many dishes as I can from every country I visit, or at least that’s my excuse to eating everything in sight. Cambodian food isn’t as famous as the local cuisine of its nearby neighbours, but don’t discount traditional Cambodian food, this little country with a war-torn past …

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Travel Tips For First Time Travellers

Tips for First Time Travellers

I don’t claim to have all the answers to make travel easy and pain- free, after all, isn’t working things out for yourself half the fun? Having travelled around the world more than once I have a few tips to help you along. Here are our best travel tips for first-time travellers and new travellers, …

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What do British people eat for Breakfast

Traditional Full English Breakfast

The traditional Full English Breakfast is an institution in its own right. Served everywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland it should really be called the full British or full UK breakfast, but each country has its own twist on what should be served on the plate. From small “greasy spoon” cafés to London’s top …

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Idli. What is Idli?

Idli are one of my favourite foods in the whole world, which is a big claim, for something so simple. These little fermented rice cakes can be found easily in the south of India and we eat them in Malaysia too, we even found them in the Little India of Singapore. But what are idli …

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Momo – What is a Momo?

What is a momo? I’m glad you asked. Momo (the food) are delicious little filled dumplings popular in northern Asian countries. We’ve eaten momo in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China and India, but you’re likely to find momo anywhere there is a Nepali restaurant. In fact, these tasty offerings are a staple in Kathmandu, they can …

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Australian Islands

Australian Islands

Australia is a very big island, but did you know there are multiple islands off the coast of Australia? Some are true “desert islands” others are populated or are used for tourism. Some Australian islands are so popular they have an array of holiday accommodation and resorts. Others can only be reached if you happen …

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Things to do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has just been voted as one of the top 10 countries to visit by Lonely Planet.  With over 200 countries to choose from it’s a great recommendation from LP and thrusts Sri Lanka into the tourist spotlight. I’ve visited Sri Lanka numerous times including for my wedding, honeymoon, and with young children. It’s …

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Nepal Street Food

Nepal Street Food

These days on the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara you can buy all kinds of street food from burgers to falafel. Traditional Nepal street food is somewhat different. In this post, we look at typical and popular Nepali street food for you to try in Nepal as well as modern western foods you can find …

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Stinger season in Queensland Australia

Stinger Season in Queensland

You need to know about stinger season in Queensland if you plan to visit and swim in the sea. Many visitors come to Queensland for the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling or scuba diving. Unfortunately in summer, our hot, wet, time, we have marine stingers, deadly jellyfish which could be present in coastal waters. How far …

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Traditional Food in Greece To eat or To Cook

What To Eat in Greece

Greece is maybe an unexpected player in the best food in the world game. Greek food is sometimes under-rated but for me it shines bright as a global cuisine and its rustic perfection comes down to quality produce. What to eat in Greece? Anything Greek, prepared with love from the best ingredients your chef can …

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