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Welcome to world food. Here you can jump to any of the countries I cover and get straight yummy stuff. As we visit each country I write it up for its culinary expertise and experience in our world food blogs. Whether it’s a Thai green curry or a Sri Lankan fruit you can find it here. Interested in chocolate covered bacon? Then look no further than the American section. There is something for everyone.

Take a look and if I haven’t covered your favourite country or cuisine let me know. I’ll add it to the list of places to visit. Which, incidentally, seems to be getting bigger, not smaller as we hunt out more of the world’s interesting places in search of yet more world food. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Nepalese Cuisine. Top Nepalese Dishes to Try!

What do they eat in Nepal? Nepalese cuisine has similarities with the cuisines of nearby countries. Nepal has borders with Tibet (China) and India, Bhutan isn’t far away and some foods can be found throughout the Himalayan region. I find Nepalese cuisine and the dishes we’ve enjoyed in Nepal to be very tasty, a little …

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Food You Must Try in Egypt

Egyptian food is a unique blend of cultures and influences. Dishes date back to the ancient Egyptian era, while other favorite foods have origins in India, Africa, the Middle East or even Europe. Egypt sits between two continents – part North African and part Asian – making it an intercontinental country that’s one of Earth’s …

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Ema Datshi |Chili Cheese from Bhutan |Ema Datshi Recipe

Ema datshi is the national dish of Bhutan, it is chili cheese, which pleased my wife enormously as it is vegetarian. This is absolutely her favourite dish from Bhutan, next to momos, and once home we set about cooking it in our kitchen. The ema datshi in Bhutan varied a lot, some was thick and …

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What To Eat in Greece | Greek Food Blog

Greece is maybe an unexpected player in the best food in the world game. Greek food is sometimes under-rated but for me it shines bright as a global cuisine and its rustic perfection comes down to quality produce. What to eat in Greece? Anything Greek, prepared with love from the best ingredients your chef can …

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Breakfast Around The World

Are you a morning person? I am, so that first coffee and something to eat are very welcome, particularly if I’m sitting overlooking a stunning, deserted Thai beach or a sleepy Central American town just starting to wake up. We’ve been sampling breakfast around the world on our travels, 50+ countries over 6  years. Here are …

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Traditional Australian Food

What is traditional Australian food? Modern Australia is a young country and a diverse blend of global cultures, histories, and cuisines. Today there are several unique Australian dishes that are hard to find outside Australia, along with local Australian variations on international cuisines. We give you a list of foods widely considered to be Australian, …

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