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World Food

Street Food in Laos

Laos Street Food

Street ladies abound in Laos, you’ll see them on every street where tourist gather. Street ladies I hear you say? Sorry to disappoint but I am strictly talking of the pancake making variety. In Luang Prabang and here in Vang Vieng there are loads of friendly street food vendors lining the sidewalk offering fresh-cooked Laos style street …

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vietnam Hoi An Eco Cooking Class

Best Hoi An Cooking Class

Walk around Hoi An Old Town and her maze of backstreets and you’ll see a dedicated Hoi An cooking class on offer at every turn. Sometimes arising from purpose-built cookery schools other times at local restaurants. Hoi An is often recognised as a culinary centre of Vietnam and the local businesses rightfully capitalise on their …

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Traditional Romanian Sarmale

Romanian Food

Want to find out about traditional Romanian Food? Romanian food is not just meat and potatoes and it’s absolutely delicious, drawing on many influences through history. We were really happily surprised by traditional Romanian foods when we first arrived in Bucharest over 4 years ago. We immediately hunted down as many Romanian dishes as we could, eager, …

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Food in Vietnam Guide Blog

Vietnamese Food for Beginners

Having spent 6 months plus in Vietnam, I’ve put together a brief Vietnamese food blog for beginners. A guide to what is best to eat and try in Vietnam and particularly Hoi An, a culinary capital in Central Vietnam, but with some tips for north, central and south Vietnam. Cuisine does vary up and down …

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Where to eat in London England

Where to Eat in London

London is renowned as a food destination, supplying everything from Michelin star restaurants, street food markets and an over-abundance of chain restaurants. With so much choice, where to eat in London is a question I get asked often when people find out I work as a chef in the city. Often London has so many …

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Cambodia Food in Cambodia

Cambodian Food

As a Chef I have to try as many dishes as I can from every country I visit, or at least that’s my excuse to eating everything in sight. Cambodian food isn’t as famous as the local cuisine of its nearby neighbours, but don’t discount traditional Cambodian food, this little country with a war-torn past …

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Khao Soi Chiang Mai speciality noodle soup Thailand

Khao Soi

What is khao soi? Khao soi is a delicious curry noodle soup from Thailand. It is a regional speciality of northern Thailand and khao soi (or kow soy) is normally associated with Chiang Mai.  In actual fact, you’ll find it in most parts of the north of Thailand and it sometimes appears on menus in …

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Thai street food at a market stall Thailand

Where to Eat in Thailand

Thailand is bursting with food, everywhere you look you’ll see something cooking and options and styles are endless. Deciding where to eat in Thailand is a pleasure, never a headache, and the choice must be based on how much you’d like to spend and personal taste. Thailand has all types of food on offer, from …

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