What Makes Thai Food Spicy?

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What makes Thai food so hot or spicy

Most Thai dishes have a fair amount of kick and some people refer to this as “spicy”. In this post we discuss what makes Thai food spicy. Thai food actually uses few spices, nothing compared to the spice array used in Indian food, Nepalese food, or even in the British dish, Christmas pudding. However, Thai … Read blog

Thai Dishes To Try

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Thai dishes to try soft shell crab

What are the best Thai dishes to try? There are thousands of Thai dishes beyond pad Thai and green curry and we explain more about them in this post. Thai dishes include vegetable dishes, fish, meat, desserts, and street food snacks. Thai dishes aren’t necessarily very spicy, some are mild and my kids love Thai … Read blog

Khao Soi, What is Khao Soi? Khao Soi Recipe

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Khao Soi Chiang Mai speciality noodle soup Thailand

What is khao soi? Khao soi is a delicious curry noodle soup from Thailand. It is a regional speciality of northern Thailand and khao soi (or kow soy) is normally associated with Chiang Mai.  In fact, you’ll find it in most parts of the north of Thailand and it sometimes appears on menus in the … Read blog

Where to Eat in Thailand

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Thai street food at a market stall Thailand

Thailand is bursting with food, everywhere you look you’ll see something cooking and options and styles are endless. Deciding where to eat in Thailand is a pleasure, never a headache, and the choice must be based on how much you’d like to spend and personal taste. Thailand has all types of food on offer, from … Read blog