Hoi An Night Market

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Hoi An by Night

Hoi An Night Market takes place daily on the banks of the river in the Hoi An Old Town. The bulk of the night market is on the southern bank of the Thu Bon River, but in recent years the stalls have started to appear on the northern bank too. While the Night Market is … Read blog

Borough Market Photos

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Borough Market

Borough Market is worth visiting if you are on vacation in London. This ancient market will give you some insight into what British food is all about! Taste and buy beautiful food products, or shop for fresh fruit and veg. Borough Market is one place I always go when I’m in London and when I … Read blog

Scuba Diving in Port Douglas

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Scuba Diving Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a fantastic place for scuba diving with several boats taking divers to the Outer Reef and some sensational dive locations. You also have the option of taking liveaboard dive trips nearby. In this post, we present your options for Scuba Diving trips (including learning to scuba dive) from Port Douglas, and consider … Read blog

Sydney – Famous Places To See!

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What is sydney famous for photos

Sydney is Australia’s most famous city internationally. Most people will know of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. This post gives you a few more famous icons of Sydney, with words and photos to inspire your Sydney itinerary. Of course, Sydney is not the capital city of Sydney, that … Read blog

Map of Port Douglas Accommodation

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Port Douglas Accommodation Map photo

Port Douglas Australia has multiple accommodation options, as you can see on our map, below. There are campsites, hostels, motels, luxury resorts, holiday lets and rentals. You will find them all on our accommodation map, further down the page. We’ll also give you a few recommendations for the best Port Douglas accommodation to suit your … Read blog

What is Roti?

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Roti Canai varieties

Roti are a type of flat bread, sometimes called a pancake, which can be found in multiple countries in Asia and Southeast Asia. Roti can be filled with sweet or savoury stuffings or can be a side dish with curries. This post covers roti in Malaysia, India, Laus, Sri Lanka, Sigapore, Thailand, and more! Types … Read blog

How To Get To Port Douglas From Cairns

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The drive to Port Douglas from Cairns

In January 2024, the Captain Cook Highway (the main coastal road between Cairns and Port Douglas) was closed because of landslides during Cyclone Jasper. It is due to be open today, 20th January 2024. Various boats have been transporting people between Cairns and Port Douglas (the boats charge about $50, comparable to the usual fee … Read blog

What is an Egg Hopper?

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egg hoppers sri lankan food

An egg hopper is a Sri Lankan food consisting of a special bowl shaped pancake, the hopper, containing a cooked egg. The pancake is made with fermented rice flour and coconut milk, so it has a sour fermented flavour and the sweetness of coconut. Egg hoppers are also known as biththara appa in Sri Lanka’s … Read blog

Port Douglas Nearest Airport

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Port Douglas Airport

Port Douglas does not have its own international airport. The nearest airport is Cairns International Airport (airport IATA code CNS) but international flights to and from Cairns are minimal. You can usually only fly to or from Cairns directly from Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Japan. Other international destinations come and go and … Read blog

Mititei (Mici) Romanian Skinless Sausages

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mititei served for lunch with fried baby potatoes and a selection or Romanian mustards

This is a recipe for Mititei or Mici (pronounced Meech), Romanian skinless sausages. They are an iconic and popular authentic Romanian food, often found as street food or even as part of a Romanian breakfast.  Mititei or Mici are small, short sausages without casings (which makes them very easy to make) containing ground meat (usually pork and beef, … Read blog

What is Datshi?

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Datshi white Bhutanese cheese

Datshi is a cheese-like food product found in Bhutan. It is the key ingredient in Bhutan’s national dish, ema datshi (chili cheese). It is also used in kewa datshi (potato cheese). Most vegetables can be cooked with datshi. Saag datshi is spinach with cheese, datshi dishes can even be made with beef or chicken. Mushroom … Read blog

Best Breakfast in Port Douglas

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Best Breakfast in Port Douglas

Port Douglas has plenty of breakfast options, including hotel buffet breakfasts open to non-guests, cafe and restaurant breakfasts, cheap eats, and takeaway food. As a Port Douglas resident and lover of a good breakfast, and former head chef in one of Port Douglas’s best hotels, I’ll break down your options, with photos and opening times, … Read blog

Thai Breakfast

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Thai breakfast simple

What to expect from a Thai breakfast? Traditional or modern, hotel, restaurant or street food, you’ll find all sorts of dishes for breakfast in Thailand. This post is about Thai breakfast dishes we have eaten and been served in Thailand, and we’ll give you links to recipes to prepare a Thai Breakfast at home where … Read blog

Romanian Breakfast

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Romanian Breakfast Table

A Romanian breakfast is fairly typical of European breakfasts or Continental breakfasts, with a few special Romanian foods included. This post is about typical or traditional Romanian breakfast foods to give you ideas for your Romanian breakfast menu and we also give you a few Romanian breakfast recipes. We have a full post on traditional … Read blog

Australian Fruits

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australian fruits

Australia has suitable climates for growing all kinds of fruits and fruit is a very popular food in Australia. From snowy highlands to tropical and subtropical areas, Australia has the right climate for most of the world’s fruit to flourish and indeed, Australia produces no end of fruit commercially. Numerous settlers from the Europeans to … Read blog

How To Travel For Free

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How to travel for free travel

How to travel for free? There are several ways to travel for free and numerous companies that will help you travel for free. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and it is possible to travel for free, or partially free. This post is on how it is possible to travel for free, using these tips to … Read blog

Vegemite. What is Vegemite?

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Vegemite spread, What is Vegemite

Vegemite is a savoury spread that contains no animal products which has become a symbol of Australia, both in Australia, and around the world. Vegemite and Vegemite-flavoured products are sold extensively in Australia and in many other countries around the world. Vegemite is possibly the most famous Australian food! I’m an Aussie chef, married to … Read blog

British Food You Must Try!

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British food best British food to try

British food you need to try! What are the best British foods and unique traditional British recipes? British food has an undeserved reputation for being bad. I’ve heard this from many nationalities over the years. British food is not bad, it’s great, so in this blog post I’m going to try to explain what British … Read blog

Where To See Crocodiles in Port Douglas 2024

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Best Places To See Crocodiles Port Douglas

Where are the best places to see crocodiles in Port Douglas? There are wild crocodiles in Port Douglas, and there are several ways to see them on your Port Douglas holiday or vacation. We give you the best way to see (or swim with) crocodiles from Port Douglas. Saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles can be … Read blog