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James Long, but everyone calls him Chef, completed his chef's apprenticeship in Sydney before doing his time in the finest hotel kitchens in London. He was an executive chef in Australia for several years at a five-star resort. These days he's a professional travel blogger. He's a homeschool dad, husband, and world traveler as well as the creator of the World Travel Chef blog. He's also a competing Ironman triathlete, marathon, and ultramarathon runner.

Port Douglas Accommodation

 Port Douglas accommodation ranges from camp sites and hostels to luxury 5 star resort hotels, villas, rentals, and apartments. Port Douglas accommodation caters to all sorts of holiday-makers and visitors and if your budget is big, you could easily spend it here on a stunning place to stay. What is the best Port Douglas accommodation …

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Tips For Camping in Australia

Australia has some amazing camping opportunities and Australians of all ages love to camp. Australia also has some of the most hazardous and difficult camping conditions in the world. Safety must always be your first thought, particularly if you’re heading into the bush or anywhere off-the-beaten-track. I’m here to give you some tips to make …

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Plan Your Own Travel in Malaysia

Travels in Malaysia. This Malaysia travel page will help you plan your own travels in Malaysia and let you know what to expect. It’s full of Malaysia travel tips and the best places to visit in Malaysia along with our personal first-hand experiences. We’ve visited Malaysia many times now, visiting diverse areas. Our personal travels …

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Homeschooling Our Kids. A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective

I am a homeschool dad. One of our kids has always been homeschooled, the other attended school very briefly to 6 years old. Since then they have been homeschooled and it’s been great. As a dad, I have never had any issues at all with them being homeschooled, in fact, quite the opposite. They have …

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Nepalese Cuisine. Top Dishes to Try!

What do they eat in Nepal? Nepalese cuisine has similarities with the cuisines of nearby countries. Nepal has borders with Tibet (China) and India, Bhutan isn’t far away and some foods can be found throughout the Himalayan region. I find Nepalese cuisine and the dishes we’ve enjoyed in Nepal to be very tasty, a little …

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Food You Must Try in Egypt

Egyptian food is a unique blend of cultures and influences. Dishes date back to the ancient Egyptian era, while other favorite foods have origins in India, Africa, the Middle East or even Europe. Egypt sits between two continents – part North African and part Asian – making it an intercontinental country that’s one of Earth’s …

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