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Travel Fitness

Travel Fitness. How I, as an Ironman and Triathlete, stay fit as I travel the world.

Ironman travel insurance for triathletes

Ironman Triathlon Insurance

You’ve picked your race, put in the training and now you’re ready to head off to the race. While the odds are nothing will happen there is always the risk. Most travel insurances won’t cover you for Ironman triathlon races or even half Ironman triathlon races so you need specialist ironman triathlon insurance that won’t …

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backpacking after surgery carrying a backpack

Backpacking After Surgery

Little under a month since my medical emergency in Thailand it was time to resume travel again. This is, of course, what I love about travel, new sights, smells and sounds that repeatedly hit you in a way only Asia can. This was going to be post-op backpacking so I needed to be a little gentle on …

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