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Travel Fitness. How I, as an Ironman and Triathlete, stay fit as I travel the world.

Combining travel and sport can be easy, but I made it difficult by travelling with a triathlon bike!

I’ve trained in every country we’ve visited and competed in several. I’ve run marathons in Romania and joined Ironman events in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Running is the easiest fitness activity of course, with no extra gear required. I regularly run long distances, it’s a great way to explore a country!

Everywhere I go, I try to take the Strava KOMs. You’ll see me on Strava everywhere from the pyramids to Pokhara!

My First Ironman. (Cairns Ironman) Pain, Injury, Finishing

What made me think I could do an Ironman? I had never completed nor attempted any of the three disciplines individually at full Iron Man distance. Yet here I was about to do the 3 together in one day. My first Ironman and only my fourth triathlon. Little wonder my wife thought I was mad! …

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Ironman Triathlon Insurance

You’ve picked your race, put in the training and now you’re ready to head off to the race. While the odds are nothing will happen there is always the risk. Most travel insurances won’t cover you for Ironman triathlon races or even half Ironman triathlon races so you need specialist ironman triathlon insurance that won’t …

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Ironman Malaysia Training Program, 1 Month Out

Ironman Malaysia training program. 1 month out. You probably know I’m racing Ironman Malaysia in November. I normally try and race at least once a year although last year I was lucky and managed to squeeze in a half Ironman in Phuket, Thailand after my full Ironman race in Wales. For those of you who …

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Laguna Phuket Triathlon & Ironman Phuket Thailand

Phuket, Thailand’s iconic island destination now features two of Asia’s biggest races. The premier race, Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Ironman Thailand, a new addition to the Ironman scene. 2016 saw me grab a late entry into the Phuket Ironman Thailand while on holiday with my family. We arrived on Phuket the day of the Laguna Phuket …

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