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The Travelling Chef

Hi, I’m James, a professional chef and world foodist with a career spanning 20 years and 2 hemispheres. Now I’m out of the kitchens, I run this recipe, world food and travel blog as I ‘ve traveled the world broadening my culinary expertise and learning new and traditional ways with food.

I’ve visited well over 50 countries with my wife and kids alongside me. My wife runs our family travel blog and covers many aspects of travel, most related to children. We will continue to travel until there’s nowhere left to go.

This site will help you know what to eat and where. We can help you with foodie travel practicalities too. Alternatively indulge in armchair food travel or get busy in your kitchen, recreating the dishes we discover and share with you as we travel the world.

I’m passionate about food and fitness as well as being my family’s travel organiser. I take care of the nuts and bolts of how to get from a to b, currencies, visas, and all the usual dad stuff. I’m dad and husband first, foodie and sportsman second.

What Do We Cover on World Travel Chef Blog?

  • World Food. Because food is my passion and we travel at least in part, to taste every authentic dish we can find. We publish recipes to help you replicate the dishes you enjoyed in far-off lands, at home. In every country we visit we take cooking classes and aim to try every authentic, traditional, weird and unusual dish we can find.
  • Being a Chef. There are a few posts on being and becoming a chef as well as experiences of travel as a chef. Want to know how to become a chef? We’ve got that covered. How about the secret life of chefs? Check it out.
  • Travel – with a leaning towards travel organisation. How I look after my family on the road, make our travels run smoothly, get from a-b and arrange currencies, visas and insurance. We have a travel tips and destinations section. We have had the odd travel related mishap, like that time I ended up needing emergency medical care in Thailand, those stories make it onto the site too.
  • Fitness and international triathlon, because I compete around the world in Ironman, marathon and ultramarathon, as well as being a keen scuba diver, trekker and skier. My nutrition is a serious business and my love of food is tied into my sports performance. You can read about my first Ironman, and many Ironman competitions around the world on my site.

So the World Travel Chef is a bit of a weird mix of topics, but rendering it down, the base of this dish is world food and travel.

My Story as a Travelling Chef

Travel has been a huge part of my life, I took my first RTW ( round the world trip) back in 2000 and now I am a full-time traveller.

My family and I have been on the road, more or less continuously, since 2012. My wife is a travel blogger, my children are homeschooled. It’s a great lifestyle and learning environment for the kids.

My wife runs the family travel site, this is my angle on travel and world food, recipes and travel tips. Hi from World Travel Chef, welcome!

World Travel Chef James
Hi, I’m a Chef, a Traveller, a dad, a husband and an Ironman Triathlete.

Welcome to World Travel Chef!

A travelling chef gets to work and learn in diverse locations, but mostly my lifestyle is about having fun, learning as much as I can about food and cooking, seeing the world and spending more time with my family. That and a huge helping of sport. I’m an Ironman triathlete and a marathon runner.

I’m learning new cooking techniques and trying new dishes along the way and , of course, I’ll share the world’s food with you.

As Dad of our travelling crew, I take care of routes, visas, practicalities and making sure my family is safe. On this site, I give you a Dad’s perspective on travel. Sure , plenty of women handle this stuff too, but in my family I’m the organiser because I enjoy it and my wife doesn’t.

Where have we been so far? We’ve visited over 50 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. I can talk to you about Thai Food, Romanian food, Vietnamese food, Nepali food (dal baht is my favourite), Indian food, Egyptian Food, just about any cuisine you name, or even, the classic French-inspired dishes that I cook professionally. Australian food is my home turf, of course, we cover that too.

A Travelling Chef Career

Food has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Like a lot of chefs, it started with helping to cook the family meals at home. After numerous work experience stints in kitchens, while I was still in school, I landed my first job washing dishes at a  hotel.  The big city apprenticeship followed, then the one way ticket to London.

In London my eyes were really opened to the culinary world. The 16 hour days and 6 day weeks meant that there was ample time to hone my skills and learn some new ones.  My apprenticeship taught be enough to be dangerous, but not to be a polished chef.

London was also where I started my travels around the globe. What could be better than travel and food experiences all rolled into one?

Travel became part of my professional career as a chef.  The guinea pigs of Peru, the mouth-numbing chicken skewers of China and the Thai, Indian and Cambodian cookery courses I’ve attended. The world is a constant source of culinary delights to amaze and tantalise your taste buds.

Our most recent long-term location, Far North Queensland, offered an abundance of fresh, delicious food experiences.  As an Executive Chef at a resort hotel, I was able to really take advantage of this and expose our customers to local delights, from fresh prawns from the trawler to the volcanic, grass-fed beef from the tablelands.  The local cheesemaker and herb growers had a starring role on our menu, too.

Which brings us to the blog, World Travel Chef.  Why, after another busy day, will I sit down and write about all things food, fitness and travel? The food landscape is changing. Social media and television programs are altering the ways in which we interact and access information on culinary topics.

I can now share my passion, experience and recipes with everyone at the touch of a button. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

How To Partner with World Travel Chef

There are a number of flexible ways you can partner with the World Travel Chef website:

  • Press Trips
  • Competitions & Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Travel Related Reviews and Promotions
  • Fitness and Sport Related Reviews and Promotions
  • Food Related Reviews and Promotions
  • Hotel and Other Accommodation Partnerships

 Easiest Contact:  [email protected]

Other than being a triathlete, ultra-runner and full-distance Ironman. I’m also fanatical about trekking, skiing and scuba diving, I like to share my hobbies and my passions with the world to help others get involved in sport or stay fit as they travel.

If you’d like to work with the World Travel Chef website, please contact us using the email address above.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.