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Swim 2.4 miles! bike 112 miles! run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life. This is what founder John Collins said before the first race and still rings true to this day. 3 of Hawaii’s toughest events were combined to make Ironman. 140.6 miles or 226 km in total that has to be completed within 17 hours.

Who ever finished first, they’ll call him the Ironman. So named after the trophy awarded to the winner.

The race has now gone global and is now raced in 5 continents across the globe. Hawaii has now become the world championships and entry is by qualification or the legacy lottery.

Ironman Malaysia finishers medal

Ironman Malaysia

My ‘A’ race and only race that year was Ironman Malaysia located on the tropical island of Langkawi, an Island of the northeastern coast of Malaysia. Originally I was targeting Ironman Wales but due to a lack of accommodation and running out of time to train, we decided to head overseas and give Ironman Malaysia in November …

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Ironman travel insurance for triathletes

Ironman Triathlon Insurance

You’ve picked your race, put in the training and now you’re ready to head off to the race. While the odds are nothing will happen there is always the risk. Most travel insurances won’t cover you for Ironman triathlon races or even half Ironman triathlon races so you need specialist ironman triathlon insurance that won’t …

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where to do an Ironman

Which Ironman to Choose

Making a decision to compete in an Ironman event is a huge investment in both time and money. Factor in the reality that the chance of a race on your doorstep isn’t possible and that travel can either make or break your experience. No one wants to pick the wrong race and waste that significant …

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