Mi Quang, Eating and Cooking Mi Quang Noodles in Vietnam

Mi Quang Hoi An

Mi Quang- Mì Quảng is a noodle dish that originated in the Quang Nam province of Central Vietnam. It translates as Quang (province) style noodles. Travelling around central Vietnam you will see an abundance of street stalls all offering mi quang for around $1 US. After 4 months in Hoi An I haven’t seen any … Read blog

Vietnamese Food for Beginners | Vietnamese Food Blog

Food in Vietnam Guide Blog

Having spent 6 months plus in Vietnam, I’ve put together a brief Vietnamese food blog for beginners. A guide to what is best to eat and try in Vietnam and particularly Hoi An, a culinary capital in Central Vietnam, but with some tips for north, central and south Vietnam. Cuisine does vary up and down … Read blog