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This post is an add-on to my posts about idiyappam or string hoppers, it’s here for those of you who want to order the flour to try and make these delicious little nests of noodles at home. Of course, you will need idiyappam flour.

Being the main ingredient it is key that you find a good quality flour that both works and is easily available to purchase. Outside of Asia, it is harder to source these ingredients and you may not have an Asian supermarket nearby. Thankfully you can buy most of the ingredients without ever leaving home.

I found you the best idiyappam flour to buy online so you can make idiyappam, string hoppers and hoppers at home. You will also need a press or machine for making your idiyappam or string hopper noodles, along with a steamer, you can find those on our idiyappam maker page. The traditional ingredient is normally rice, although other variations exist. The Sri Lankan red rice string hopper flour gives an excellent result.

Sri Lankan breakfast food at a hotel in Galle heavily utilises  idiyappam flour in many of its ingredients.
Breakfast of champions and a great way to start the day. Here, Sri Lankan string hoppers in southern Sri Lanka. Served with dal and fresh coconut sambal. Eat with fingers, always!

Click on any of the links below to order safely from Amazon. The product is available for home delivery in your country ( most countries), charged in local currency.

Red Rice Flour

Take a look at this red rice flour for string hoppers ( idiyappam) making here.

Pearl Millet Flour

Take a look at the pearl millet flour for kambu idiyappam here.

Idiyappam Rice Flour

take a look at this rice idiyappam flour here.

Thanks and best of luck in your idiyappam making. We hope you find the flour that works for you.

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