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Hoi An Night Market takes place daily on the banks of the river in the Hoi An Old Town. The bulk of the night market is on the southern bank of the Thu Bon River, but in recent years the stalls have started to appear on the northern bank too.

Hoi An by Night
Hoi An by night. The Night Market, shops, boat rides, lanterns, dining and shopping.

While the Night Market is a “different” market, appearing only at sundown, Hoi An’s usual shops and food outlets will also be open through the evening and the Old Town can be very crowded after dark.

Watch out for pickpockets. That’s one of our best Vietnam travel tips, we have seen pickpockets at work in the night market and old town.

This post has photos from the Hoi An Night Market.

Hoi An Night Market Photos

Hoi An Night Market
Hoi An Night Market, stall on wheels like this will appear around sunset every day in Hoi An.

The small stalls on wheels that really make up the “Night Market” appear around sunset every day in Hoi An.

These stalls mostly sell street food snacks (see photos) and trinkets and souvenirs. The permanent shops and restaurants will also be open in the evenings, and we think these are a better option for food and shopping in Hoi An.

There are plenty of restaurants that overlook the hustle and bustle of the night market activities. You can sit, eat, and people-watch at the night market.

Hoi An Night Market street food
Street food stalls selling local foods like grilled meats, usually only appear around sunset in Hoi An.

You can visit the Hoi An night markets from Da Nang, you can book a tour or simply take a taxi. The journey from Da Nang to Hoi An is only about half an hour. A tour like this includes a boat ride on the river and a guided tour of Hoi An after dark. If you’re staying in Da Nang, the evenings are probably the prettiest time to see Hoi An, but it can be crowded. Book that tour here.

Both Da Nang and Hoi An are good choices as a holiday base, see our post on Hoi An vs Da Nang.

street food hoi an night market
That’s me, buying something deep fried at a street food stall in the night market in Hoi An.

While the Hoi An “lantern festival” is monthly, you will see lanterns every night in Hoi An, both on the steets, in shops and stalls, and floating down the river.

Hoi An Night Market Lanterns

Visitors to Hoi An in the evenings can purchase a lantern to light and set adrift.

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