Kep Cambodia, Visiting Kep in Cambodia

During our 1 month in Cambodia, not only did we sample loads of interesting dishes and take a Cambodian cooking class, we also visited a sensational fish and crab market, not far from Kampot.  It was bristling with local seafood, great fun to explore and sample. It was slightly less gruesome than a market in Cambodia near Battambang, where snakes and freshly skinned rodents were on sale, fish is a little easier to take than that sort of blood and guts. We spent a long time in Kampot, chilling in this pretty riverside town and taking scooter rides to surrounding countryside. Of course, I ran,  exploring the villages where the local fishing fleets originate and people live above the water in stilt houses. Another local industry, salt production from brine-filled salt pans was also fascinating to see and of course, Kampot is world-famous for Kampot pepper.

Kep Cambodia

Just a few photos today of our day exploring Kep and the markets, it was a great day out and an easy scooter ride from Kampot.

crabs kep fish crab market cambodia kampot
Thousands of fresh, live crabs at Kep fish market. Back home in Australia we call these blue swimmers.

Kep used to be Cambodia’s #1 beach resort but these days it’s very quiet, I was glad we chose to stay in Kampot instead, where the pace was still slow, but there was a little more to keep us occupied, including a great riverside playground for the kids.

Kep is obviously where locals go to buy ingredients for wonderful Cambodian food. It was great to see a local food market like this in operation.

Making salt Kampot Cambodia
The kids get a lesson in salt production, just outside Kampot on the way to Kep.
Hiring scooters Kep Cambodia Kampot salt
Hiring scooters in Kampot we rode through the salt production to Kep and it’s fish and crab market.
This statue at Kep, Cambodia, the white lady, is regularly dressed by locals to protect her modesty.
This statue at Kep, Cambodia, the white lady, is regularly dressed by locals to protect her modesty.
Kep near Kampot Cambodia
Kep near Kampot Cambodia
Kampot peper and salt. Kep Cambodia
The famous Kampot pepper and salt. Kep Cambodia
Durian, Kampot Cambodia
Durian for sale at Kep Market, the Kampot region of Cambodia is famous for the King of Fruits.
Sri Lankan Fruits. Durian. Durian, the king of fruits . In Kampot, Cambodia, it's so important and inspires such passion, that they built a durian statue.
Durian, the king of fruits . In Kampot, Cambodia, it’s so important and inspires such passion, that they built a giant durian statue.
Monster prawns Kep Cambodia
Monster prawns and squid threaded on bamboo, ready to be cooked to order over hot coals at Kep crab market.Cambodia
dried squid and prawns Kep Cambodia
Piles of pungent dried squid and prawns, these had the kids holding their noses. Kep Cambodia
squid on a stick Cambodia
Squid on a stick Cambodia. This was my market lunch, it was very tasty.
dried squid and prawns Kep Cambodia
Dried squid and prawns Kep Cambodia
ray on a stick Kep crab market
It seems they can put anything on a sick at Kep crab market
Pretty Kep beach Cambodia
Pretty Kep beach Cambodia. We didn’t swim, but locals were in the water.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the food of Cambodia, it was fun for me looking at these old photos.

All the best, Chef.

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