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James but everyone calls him Chef, completed his chef's apprenticeship in Sydney before doing his time in the finest hotel kitchens in London. He was an executive chef in Australia for several years at a five-star resort. These days he's a professional travel blogger. He's a dad, husband and world traveller as well the creator of World Travel Chef blog. He's also a competing Ironman triathlete and marathon runner.
Breakfast Around The World Chef Sri Lankan hoppers for breakfast

Breakfast Around The World

Are you a morning person? I am, so that first coffee and something to eat are very welcome, particularly if I’m sitting overlooking a stunning, deserted Thai beach or a sleepy Central American town just starting to wake up. We’ve been sampling breakfast around the world on our travels, 50+ countries over 6  years. Here are …

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Weird Food from around the world

Weird Foods to Try

Weird foods, that we have seen with our own eyes and, in some cases, eaten on our travels. Most of these foods we found in Asia, often in the less touristed local markets but one is from our second home, Romania. Some, the brave or foolhardy members of our family ate. These are weird foods …

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Traditional Australian Food prawns

Traditional Australian Food

What is traditional Australian food? Modern Australia is a young country and a diverse blend of global cultures, histories, and cuisines. Today there are several unique Australian dishes that are hard to find outside Australia, along with local Australian variations on international cuisines. We give you a list of foods widely considered to be Australian, …

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World Food by Country World Travel Chef Blogs

Food and Travel

I love food and I love travel. Combining the two while learning extra culinary skills as a chef, has been a dream come true. This page is the core of our food and travel blog. We have straight travel content, we have some sports content, but most of our site is dedicated to international food. …

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Vietnam travel tips coconut vendor scam to avoid saigon

Vietnam Travel Tips

Vietnam is an amazing country full of beautiful people, stunning scenery and delicious food. Little wonder it is becoming one of the biggest tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Read on for my Vietnam travel tips for both the seasoned traveler, first-timers or 2-week holiday-makers. Like any destination, it always pays to do your research before …

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Appropriate visa for Vietnam

Best Visa For Vietnam

With so many options out there which is the best visa for Vietnam? It’s confusing I know, it confused us so we had a good dig into the visas available and the regulations, official, scam, and for profit. Everyone has different needs so I’ll go through the options from the free 15-day exemption for those …

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Best ways of getting from Ho Chi Minh to Pu Quoc

Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is tipped to become one of Vietnam’s major drawcards in the future and is already well established as a tourist destination amongst well-travelled people. Getting from Ho Chi Minh city to Phu Quoc isn’t as straight forward as other parts of Vietnam mainly because it is an island off the south coast of …

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From Hue to Hoi An Vietnam

Hue to Hoi An

Hue, Hoi An and DaNang are located very close together in central Vietnam, Hue is approximately 100 km north of Danang and 126 km north of Hoi An. The journey from Hue to Hoi An generaly involves going via Danang unless you book a direct transfer. The journey time between Hue and Danang can range …

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