Thai Omelet Recipe (Why Thai Omelets are So Good!)

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Thai omelet rice photo

Thai omelets are really tasty and in Thailand, a country with so many amazing dishes, I find myself eating and ordering Thai omelet rice surprisingly often. I’ve ordered it from street food stalls in Bangkok, at tourist restaurants on Thai islands and it even appears on menus in the shopping mall food court in Chiang … Read blog

What is Roti?

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Roti Canai varieties

Roti are a type of flat bread, sometimes called a pancake, which can be found in multiple countries in Asia and Southeast Asia. Roti can be filled with sweet or savoury stuffings or can be a side dish with curries. This post covers roti in Malaysia, India, Laus, Sri Lanka, Sigapore, Thailand, and more! Types … Read blog

What is Datshi?

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Datshi white Bhutanese cheese

Datshi is a cheese-like food product found in Bhutan. It is the key ingredient in Bhutan’s national dish, ema datshi (chili cheese). It is also used in kewa datshi (potato cheese). Most vegetables can be cooked with datshi. Saag datshi is spinach with cheese, datshi dishes can even be made with beef or chicken. Mushroom … Read blog

Thai Breakfast

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Thai breakfast simple

What to expect from a Thai breakfast? Traditional or modern, hotel, restaurant or street food, you’ll find all sorts of dishes for breakfast in Thailand. This post is about Thai breakfast dishes we have eaten and been served in Thailand, and we’ll give you links to recipes to prepare a Thai Breakfast at home where … Read blog

Idli. What is Idli? (Food)

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Idli, What are idli (the food)? Idli are fermented rice cakes, served with sambar and chutneys, predominantly in South India, but also found in other countries. Idli are one of my favourite foods in the whole world, which is a big claim, for something so simple. These little fermented rice cakes can be found easily … Read blog

Nepal Street Food

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Nepal Street Food

These days on the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara you can buy all kinds of street food from burgers to falafel. Traditional Nepal street food is somewhat different. In this post, we look at typical and popular Nepali street food for you to try in Nepal as well as modern western foods you can find … Read blog

Laos Street Food

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Street Food in Laos

Street ladies abound in Laos, you’ll see them on every street where tourists gather. Street ladies I hear you say? I am strictly talking of the pancake-making variety. In Luang Prabang and here in Vang Vieng there are loads of friendly street food vendors lining the sidewalk offering fresh-cooked Laos-style street food. Baguettes, pancakes (roti), … Read blog

Mi Quang, Eating and Cooking Mi Quang Noodles in Vietnam

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Mi Quang Hoi An

Mi Quang- Mì Quảng is a noodle dish that originated in the Quang Nam province of Central Vietnam. It translates as Quang (province) style noodles. Travelling around central Vietnam you will see an abundance of street stalls all offering mi quang for around $1 US. After 4 months in Hoi An I haven’t seen any … Read blog

Cambodian Food

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Cambodia Food in Cambodia

As a Chef I have to try as many dishes as I can from every country I visit, or at least that’s my excuse to eating everything in sight. Cambodian food isn’t as famous as the local cuisine of its nearby neighbours, but don’t discount traditional Cambodian food, this little country with a war-torn past … Read blog

Idiyappam Flour

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Idyappam string hopper making in Sri Lanka

This post is an add-on to my posts about idiyappam or string hoppers, it’s here for those of you who want to order the flour to try and make these delicious little nests of noodles at home. Of course, you will need idiyappam flour. Being the main ingredient it is key that you find a … Read blog

Best Idiyappam Maker or String Hopper Machine

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Traditional idiappam maker

If you want to make string hoppers, you need an idiyappam maker of some sort.  String hoppers (idiyappam) are long, thin strands created by pressing idiyappam dough through small holes. Idiyappam making machines are predominantly hand-operated, requiring some force to extrude the fine noodles. When I tried my hand at making string hoppers in Sri … Read blog

Sri Lankan Fruits

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Sri Lanka Fruit Names

Sri Lanka is famous as a fruit-producing destination and you will certainly sample some amazing and delicious Sri Lankan fruits during your stay. Expect a selection of fruit on your hotel’s buffet every morning, each perfectly ripe and sweet from the fertile soil, abundant water, and tropical sun. Sri Lankan fruits are tropical, of course, … Read blog

Dosa Sambar. What is Dosa?

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Indian food. Dosa with sambol and cconut chutney. A South Indian dish.

A dosa is a thin, flat, fermented gram flour pancake cooked on a griddle, skillet or tawa. This Indian food is common in the South of India but also popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and beyond. You’ll all find various types of dosa at most good (authentic) Indian restaurants. This post is about dosa, … Read blog

Sri Lankan Breakfast Food, Breakfast in Sri Lanka

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breakfast buffet in Sri Lanka. Breakfast dishes

Of everything we ate in Sri Lanka, it was the Sri Lankan breakfast food that we looked forward to most. It was refreshing to have something so totally different to what we would eat in the west, cooked with care and considerable effort and featuring all the flavours of this magical country. Hoppers, roti, curries, … Read blog

Facts About Sri Lankan Food

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Breakfast in Southern Sri Lankan

Facts about Sri Lankan food – Is Sri Lankan cuisine spicy? What are shorties? Blog about famous traditional Sri Lankan dishes, rice and curry to short eats Sri Lanka is a beautiful island off the southeast coast of India, yet despite the close links, Sri Lankan food is quite different to that found in India … Read blog

Birds Nest Soup Malacca

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Finished birds nests ready to sell

The mere mention of birds’ nest soup conjures up images of a really strange concoction. Most have never tried it and a large number of people don’t even know someone that has. Yet the Chinese first started using swallow nests for soup over 1500 years ago. Birds’ nest soup is a delicacy in traditional Chinese … Read blog

Food in Laos

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Laos food Laotian larb

Food in Laos is very diverse, you’ll find Laotian food alongside western dishes in Laos. The French influence is clearly more prevalent than anywhere else in Indochina, baguettes abound and suddenly you can get steak, chips, and cheese. The European influence is a bonus as the Laotian foods and other Asian foods are still there. … Read blog